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Interventional Spine Medicine

Interventional Spine Medicine’s team of highly trained and experienced specialists is proud to offer a comprehensive, patient-focused approach to interventional pain medicine that emphasizes each individual’s overall health and well-being. The pain management practice has three convenient New Hampshire locations in Barrington, Rye and Plaistow, where every staff member recognizes the debilitating consequences of pain on a person’s life. The Interventional Spine Medicine team makes every effort to understand the patient’s individual experience and treat them with kindness, understanding, and respect at all times.

The Interventional Spine Medicine team consists of multidisciplinary experts, including physicians and nurse practitioners, who work together to coordinate each patient’s care seamlessly and maintain communication throughout the treatment process. Team members hold board certifications in specialties such as pain medicine, anesthesiology, and pain management. They’re able to take a direct approach to managing pain, working closely with patients to identify the origin of pain and the impact pain is having on the patient. Some of the many conditions that the team specializes in include sciatica, whiplash, and cancer pain.

As well as addressing physical attributes of pain, the Interventional Spine Medicine team understands the importance of the psychological aspects of pain. The patient’s goals and concerns are always taken into account when creating a pain treatment plan, and the team works with each patient’s primary care team and other specialists to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. The team also closely monitors every patient’s progress throughout their pain treatment to ensure optimal outcomes.

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Interventional Spine Medicine is happy to accept most insurance plans. If you have any questions about your coverage, please contact our office.

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