Medication Management for Chronic Pain

When chronic pain doesn’t respond to interventional or conservative therapies, medications may be beneficial. Many associate pain medicines with narcotics. But every pain is different, so not all pain is treated the same. ISM pain doctors use many different kinds of medicines to help manage chronic pain. For example, pain that is caused by nerve damage is best treated with certain anti-seizure or anti-depressant medications and sometimes narcotic medications. The pain caused by fibromyalgia is commonly treated with anti-seizure and/or anti-depressants. Other types of chronic pain respond best to narcotic medications and other types of medicines.

Interventional Spine Medicine providers take prescribing narcotics very seriously. They work with patients closely to develop a treatment plan that helps them manage their pain safely as they are carefully monitored for potentially serious side effects.

Patients receiving these medications sign a narcotic agreement that describes the side effects of chronic narcotic use, the risks involved and ISM policies regarding the misuse of narcotics. ISM has a very strong policy that includes no tolerance to misuse or abuse of any kind.

Indications: Chronic pain